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Fatboy – Lamzax XXXL (Turquoise) Price: 109,80 (à partir de 06/04/2021 17:19 PST- Détails)

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Fatboy’s fabulous Lamzac XXXL Lounger is perfect for you and a friend. Holding up to 2 people and an incredible 300kg along with a waterproof coating. Get comfy in no time as this fantastic lounger takes just 10 seconds to inflate. Over time, air will slightly reduce, however simply scoop up some more air to get it back to your preferred comfort level. The Lamzac is ideal for days at the beach or spontaneous camping trips and will be your number one companion on journeys for years to come! Comes with ground pegs to hold it in place in use, no need to worry about a gust of wind blowing it away! Also includes a repair puncture kit and a carry bag.